Red String Bracelet by Austaras - Good Lock Every Where You Go

The Ülaula red string bracelet has an ornament shaped like a clock with Roman numerals, and with a natural seashell in the middle. Rose gold plated stainless steel surrounded by a red string gives this bracelet and unique look.

RED STRING BRACELET - Represent good luck coming, and bad luck leaving.
LOVELY DESIGN - The bracelet is rose gold plated with fabric red string around it
TOP QUALITY - 316L stainless (surgical) steel and soft fabric bracelet
ALLERGY FREE - Made with hypoallergenic and nickel free stainless steel
DURABLE - Will not corrode or rust
NOTICEABLE - With 3 ornaments on the bracelet and the red fabric, this bracelet is eye catching
BONUS ADDED - Snap flap black velvet storage pouch

Ships within 2 business days.