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I LOVES the necklace and the perfume smell stay for long time.
It is effective and also stylish and discreet.

Michael Z

very pleased with my necklace purchase!!! Was looking for a unique heart shape design not the obvious one and it definitely exceed my expectations... Thank you !!!

liron yadan

love this one, looks cool and was a great gift for a fisherman friend!
the chain is strong but not too massive.

Lio N.

These are beautiful bracelets! I got one for each of my nieces and they both love it

Heather Rodgers

The pendant was smaller than I expected, but it was actually a good thing because I thought it would look too gaudy. It's a BEAUTIFUL necklace, well worth the price! Shipped quickly!


Very good quality for the price. Came in a velour bag.

Masas family


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April 21, 2018


When you mention Hawaii, the first thing that comes in mind is usually, palm tree-lined shores, breath-taking sunsets, sky-blue waters and perfect sandy beaches: but this is not all there is to this paradise. The tradition and rich culture of this land is what enhances its true beauty. One of the most diverse cultures in the world is the Hawaiian culture. Their traditions describe just how diverse the citizens are; and we can see this in their dance, language, cuisine, lifestyle and cultural ...

March 20, 2018

The History of Hawaiian Jewelry

The history of the Hawaiian jewelry can be dated back to the 18th century when Queen Kalpiolani and Princess Lili’uokalani visited the royal court of England. At the ceremonies, Queen Victoria gifted the princess what was to become the first Hawaiian bracelet. The solid gold design was simple with intricate old English lettering, which spelled the princess’ name. The bracelet symbolized the enduring friendship between the two nations. Lili’uokalani was impressed with the style and requested ...

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