April 21, 2018 3 min read

When you mention Hawaii, the first thing that comes in mind is usually, palm tree-lined shores, breath-taking sunsets, sky-blue waters and perfect sandy beaches: but this is not all there is to this paradise. The tradition and rich culture of this land is what enhances its true beauty. One of the most diverse cultures in the world is the Hawaiian culture. Their traditions describe just how diverse the citizens are; and we can see this in their dance, language, cuisine, lifestyle and cultural symbols. Their cultural symbols play a great role in their way of life and can be seen in many aspects of their day to day lifestyle. One of the best ways to learn about Hawaiian cultural symbols, as a way of understanding the diverse culture, is to learn about Hawaiian jewelry.

One of the best ways to get in touch with Hawaiian culture is to wear their jewelry. The jewelry is usually made to honor their culture. Many Hawaiian citizens wear different jewelry pieces such as earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants for good luck and other culturally related reasons. And what better way to learn some of the cultural symbols that you are most likely to find engraved on most jewelry?



Green sea turtles have played an essential role in the traditional practices of the Hawaiian culture. Known as the Honu, they have been used in everyday life as part of the Hawaiian way of life to make things like jewelry, medicine, tools, utensils, food and more. Some families regard them as family spirits. Because these creatures are believed to be symbols for good luck and wisdom, wearing jewelry made displaying them is a Hawaiian way of life.

An example of jewelry that can connect you to the family spirit of honu;

PENDANT – The pendant is one of the most fashionable jewelry accessories and one that is very much loved in Hawaii. Give it a touch of culture like the Austaras pendant that is a symbol of good luck. It is made of stainless steel and comes with the honu engraved on it to symbolize endurance and good luck.


The hibiscus flower has many meanings in different cultures, and one of them is the Hawaiian culture. One common factor though, is that it symbolizes the delicate beauty of youth. It has been, in fact, the state flower of Hawaii, since 1988. Now, this flower has also been used to make such things as jewelry and the Hawaiian flower lei.


A perfect example of jewelry that popularly has the hibiscus flower engraved on it is a bracelet. Bracelets with the hibiscus flower can be a perfect gift to show appreciation for their beauty. With this you can celebrate the Hawaiian culture of beauty and sunshine that is symbolized by the hibiscus flower. And if you buy it from a reputable company you will be offered different colors; including either in silver or gold.


There are many other cultural symbols that you can research and learn about, plus if you want jewelry, you can also find them made to honor different cultures. And the austaras have jewelry honoring different Hawaiian cultures such as surfing, the Kamehameha butterfly and many others. So if you are visiting Hawaii on holiday and you want to walk around feeling like part of the land, get yourself some cultural jewelry. And if you opt for a reputable company that knows Hawaii’s roots, then you can be sure to connect to the land like a native.