September 21, 2020 4 min read

In November 2019, Eva Gomez was killed in a car accident that left her husband Miguel Gomez, to be a single father who had to raise their 5-year-old son alone. Life is a struggle for the single father Miguel, shortly after he was forced to get used to his new life, the COVID-19 began which caused him to lose his job as a flower grower for events. Shortly after being evicted from their apartment, Miguel and his young son find themselves alone with no place to go. Although Miguel eventually gets a job as an intern at a luxury real estate company, the job does not pay money since the real estate market is also badly damaged due to the COVID-19 effect. Miguel comes from a poor family, so he was not offered help from any relatives. For almost two weeks Miguel and his son had to live in shelters and endure many hardships, but Miguel refuses to succumb to despair because he is struggling to create a better and better life.



Miguel was always determined to do everything he can to make his son feel that he has all he needs to create a normative life, as all the other children. One day, Miguel took his son to the playground to play alongside his son's friends. What he did not know was that a casual conversation with a friend’s father sitting on a bench next to him would be such a fateful conversation for his future. This father from the same neighborhood recognized Miguel and the two began chatting. During the conversation, the two hooked up and started sitting every day in the playground while their children played together. Miguel recognized that Hugo, his new friend, looked like a wealthy man and became interested in his work. After a while, he asked Hugo if he had not been harmed by the corona plague. Hogu replied that precisely during this period, there are verticals that are not damaged and even flourished. Like online shops, e-commerce, stocks etc.



Miguel did recognize that there was a golden opportunity to enter a field that could change his own life, Hugo understood the situation and indeed complied with the request by sending him blogs and information about e-commerce and selling jewelries online, and told him “just check this out, even from your mobile”. After a short time, Miguel began working closely with Hugo and both opened their first Hawaiian - Jewelries online shop together. At the beginning, they were designing necklaces only. After a while, they have started to design and sell all kinds of jewelries related to beach lifestyle and invest in marketing budgets of $100K a month.



Today, Miguel and Hugo are partners in their online shops for HawaiianHeirloom jewelry and now, 7 months later, Miguel alone holds a capital of over 4M Euros and thus allowed himself to produce a good life. As part of his new lifestyle, Miguel purchased a large and beautiful house in the suburbs of Madrid, raising his son as he had always dreamed. Thus he returned to the groove and really managed to change his life from the life of a poor man to the life of a man who can provide everything to raise a family to glory, we can even say "A rich man". Now, Miguel is even looking to purchase a vacation house no less than Hawaii in order to keep increasing his business and enjoy the good life that Hawaii has to offer. "Hopefully, after the corona days, I’ll manage to live there 2 months a year in order to keep my business growing, and know the market in its best way. It never ends”.



“I did not believe that what brought me to the lowest point of my life economically, would also lift me to places I had never dreamed of."


History of Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry


Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry was originated by Princess Liliuokalani in 1880.

It’s over a century since Hawaii’s last reigning monarch wore the first  Hawaiian bracelet, yet we still see the jewelry worn every day.

Her original bracelet, made in Hawaii by European jewelers, was engraved with the Hawaiian phrase, “Ho’omana’o Mau,” or “A Lasting Remembrance.”

Queen Liliuokalani’s Bracelet Black Enamel “hoomanao Mau” means “Lasting Remembrance” in Hawaiian.

Among the very early examples of Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry were Queen Emma’s silver bracelet engraved “Aloha ia ka heiheimalie”.  The Hawaiian bracelet was Victorian in design and style, yet deeply Hawaiian in wording and phrase to reflect their ancestral heritage.


Queen Emma’s Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry Bracelet

Since those early days, the people of Hawaii have adopted Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry and passed it on from generation to generation.  Hawaiian heirloom jewelry is presented as gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations and weddings. Hawaiian heirloom jewelry will last a lifetime, and is often passed from generations. It is considered an honor to receive such a precious, personalized gift.

Hawaiian heirloom jewelry is not only Hawaiian bracelets.  Custom jewelry with your name can be made on a  Hawaiian ring and  Hawaiian pendants.